Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Hey there beautiful people of the gaming world! As we all know, Final Fantasy 7 remake is coming and we still have no idea when it will be released. We do know it’s going to be as epic as ever! Growing up playing Final Fantasy 7 over and over never grew old. To this day…I don’t care what people say, Final Fantasy 7 is the best one in it’s series. I found an article stating why we need the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”. Here is the article from Click on the image to pre-order.

FF7 Remake Needed to happen(By Reader Penfold published 5/6/17)

“A reader argues that the original Final Fantasy VII has become unplayable and that remakes are necessary to keep a game’s legacy live.

No matter how many times anyone tries to suggest otherwise Final Fantasy VII will always be seen as the best game in the series. More than that, the game has become synonymous with the whole Japanese role-playing game genre.

Not bad for a game currently in its 20th anniversary year and which suffered, like most games of the time, from an often incomprehensible translation. The fan demands for a remake of Final Fantasy VII have been going on for years, and now finally Square Enix are making one. Which is a good idea, because if you play the original now it is not a fun experience.”


“Although it wasn’t for a long time, you can now play the game fairly easily via the PlayStation store, although it’s the PC version not the original PlayStation one. Either way though the graphics are impossibly crude by modern standards, and what were once state-of-the art CGI cut scenes now look like laughably primitive.

The scope of the story and the game world, and the vividness of its characters, is still impossible to deny though. The latter in particular seemingly a lost art in recent Final Fantasises. While Sephiroth remains one of video games best bad guys, when only the most dedicated will even remember the name of the antagonists from any more recent Final Fantasy.

Cloud’s surly attitude may be a role-playing game cliché but it’s no worse than any of the one note wonders from Final Fantasy XV. Likewise, the story in VII may have been poorly explained, but at least it wasn’t bogged down in pretend politics.”


“But the real reasons for Final Fantasy VII’s lasting popularity have nothing to do with its plots or characters. It’s more that the game was a milestone in terms of intricate storytelling and visuals for video games, arriving at a defining point in the original PlayStation’s history.

It was the first game in the series to ever be released in Europe and at the time most mainstream gamers had probably never played a Japanese role-player before. (Which probably led to the infamous stat of it being the most returned game ever in the UK.)

But Final Fantasy VII endures because it hints at a level of complex alternative reality that less ambitious modern games still find impossible even to aspire to.”

“So to me a remake does make sense, even if I think that taken out of its historical context, and without the novelty of being first, some will still struggle to see what the fuss about. It’s a bit like going to a Shakespeare play or watching your first James Bond and then complaining that they’re both full of nothing but clichés.

This is where the clichés originated from, when they were brand new ideas that were copied ad infinitum by copycats and sequels. So while it’s not fair to criticise them now, it’s also impossible for people coming to them new not to think that.

Some movies are literally timeless but that’s almost no video games that are like that. You can appreciate how ground-breaking the original Zelda was if you play it now, but I don’t think anyone could really pretend it’s much fun now.”


“I’d argue it’s the same for Final Fantasy VII and I hope that the remake of it will lead to a similar appreciation for the original as Breath Of The Wild has brought for the first Zelda.

In a way it’s good that video games have such a relatively short lifespan, it shows that they’re growing and evolving. And while Final Fantasy VII needs to be remade for a new generation it will hopefully still be the same things that people find enjoyable in it that they enjoyed so much the first time round.”

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