Final Fantasy 7 Remake(Update)

Hey guys! So I just read an article from about the release date for Final Fantasy 7 remake. We are going to be waiting till 2018 and that goes for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. Kingdom Hearts 3 seems to be causing the delay for the Final Fantasy 7 remake to be released.

We know that there are a lot of people who really enjoy Kingdom Hearts, but c’mon guys….we have been waiting for this for YEARS. I understand a masterpiece is at work here, but a lot of us are a little impatient. So we are looking at sometime in april of next year and we don’t know if it’s going to be Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Needless to say…Final Fantasy 7 remake is going to be EPIC, and at this point we really do have to be patient. There is nothing we can do about it unfortunately! Don’t forget there are bunch of other great games to look forward to that are coming out recently. Subscribe to Unofficially PlayStation and like us on our social media sites to get quick updates. Here is the Final Fantasy 7 remake update from

FF7 Remake Release date Update(By Liam Martin Published 4/28/17)

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 fans have been given some more bad news about potential release dates.

Square Enix has revealed its release schedule for the upcoming financial years, and it could be a long wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.

On the plus side, both Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts 3 appear on the document (via NeoGAF), but they’re both listed for 2018 and beyond.

It’s possible at least one of the games will make it into the 2018 financial year, which runs until next April.

It’s more likely that the games will launch outside of this window, so it’s looking like a long wait.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release date was originally expected to land in 2017, but recent comments made by the development team appear to have put an end to that.”

“Game director Tetsuya Nomura has hinted at when Final Fantasy 7 Remake will next be shown, although he admits it is unlikely to launch this year.

“There are also the annual events,” he told Famitsu (via GamingBolt). “E3 in June, Tokyo Game Show in September, Jump Festa in December – and on top of preparing for the KH concert I’m simultaneously managing things like season two of KHUχ and Dissidia FF, so yes, this year is looking to be fully loaded.

“I didn’t give much information on KH3 or FFVII Remake last year, but I hope I can show you our progress if any events align this year.”

“I apologise that there’s still some time before I can release them, but there are many other titles releasing this year, and so I’d like for you to please wait for your ‘surprise’.””


“It looks like Kingdom Hearts 3 is partly to blame for the Final Fantasy VII Remake delay, at least according to game director Tetsuya Nomura.

Nomura told Famitsu that while work is moving along nicely, there are a few physical factors that have made development that little bit more difficult.

“It can be difficult for the in-office and non-office staff to link up,” he said.

“And then there’s Kingdom Hearts 3 on top, and then the supervision works a little differently than it has before now.

“But these issues are physical ones, not ones with the [game] content, and we are currently moving towards solutions with the combined efforts of each section, so please don’t worry.

Finally, Nomura said that while he was sorry to keep people waiting, the added development time would ensure that both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake would meet expectations.”

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Thanks guys!

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