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Hey there fellow gamers of all kinds! We have all been waiting for Days Gone release date and I think we all know that’s going to pop out at E3 this year! According to, they speculate that Days Gone will come out sometime this year. With that even being said…that fills my heart with joy and I feel like a young little boy again! Let’s hope that SIE Bend Studio can pull this off…and from the looks of it, I think they are on the right track! Days Gone is probably going to be one of the best games out there once it releases! Here is the article from Click on the image to pre-order!

 Days Gone Release date info(Published by Hirun Cryer 5/31/2017)

“Days Gone, the first PS4 game from Oregon-based developer Bend Studio, was first revealed back at E3 2016, closing out the Sony showcase with a gameplay demo, featuring the main protagonist fighting a horde of zombies.

The game may have gone somewhat dark since then, making a rather similar (albeit 4K) appearance at Sony’s PS4 Pro reveal event.”


“Although there was plenty of speculation surrounding the release date of Days Gone, a proper release window for the game was never given by Sony. We’ve been waiting ever since the initial showing at E3 2016 for more news of the release date.

Considering Sony showed off a good chunk of gameplay at E3 2016, it was fair to speculate Days Gone would release in 2017, perhaps being one of the platform holder’s big holiday releases. Although a late 2017 release date is still possible, it looks like we’ll have to wait until E3 2017 in June to get any firm details.”


“According to the official PlayStation website, players will take on the role of Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing an everyday struggle to survive, as well as “searching for a reason to live.” The gameplay demo from E3 2016 was our first look at Deacon, as he hunted down a bounty and then come face to face with the horde. 

Days Gone was first unveiled in a gameplay reveal demo at E3 2016, where we saw protagonist Deacon riding around the open world on his bike, before heading into a construction area to take out a bounty target.”

“At the very start of the demo, Deacon gets on his bike, and we can see a fuel gauge in the bottom left, next to the mini map, meaning players will likely have to manage how much fuel they use at any given time in the open world. 

Deacon can also be seen scavenging parts from broken vehicles, and fending off some feral wolves, meaning the wildlife may play a factor in Days Gone. The environment can also be utilised against the zombie horde, by way of cutting loose piles of tree trunks to block their path, or using molotov cocktails in enclosed environments to dramatic effect. 

Days Gone is the first game from SIE Bend Studio in a long time and the studio’s chance to make a real name for itself after working on PS Vita games in the years previous. Sony has generally beaten Microsoft when it comes to developing new IP, although the quality has been mixed.”


“While the actual location where Days Gone takes place hasn’t yet been given a name, the PlayStation page for the game did reveal that players will be able to fully explore an open world, using Deacon’s Drifter bike. The game has a full day/night and weather cycle, all of which will somehow affect enemy behaviour. Aside from this, derelict buildings and vehicles can be entered and searched, in an attempt to gather precious resources in the apocalyptic landscape. 

This explorable open world, resource gathering/crafting and zombies makes for a game that should appeal to the masses. Zombies seemingly never go out of fashion and what’s been shown off so far looks very promising. If Bend can deliver a game that’s more than just being overrun by huge waves of zombies, it could have a real hit on its hands.”


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