FF7 Remake: Bringing it home!

Hey guys!!! I have a little update that you just might find a little interesting! As we know, FF7 Remake isn’t going to be coming out anytime soon, but according to The Christian Post “FF7 Remake will now be exclusively developed in-house by Square Enix”. Which means CyberConnect2 will no longer be apart of the FF7 Remake production. My assumption is that CyberConnect2 isn’t meeting the expectations that Square Enix had in mind. You know what….that’s fine with me guys! FF7 had such an impact in most of our lives as gamers, and if Square Enix thinks that CyberConnect2 isn’t doing that great of a job, then I agree with their decision. Square Enix wants that same impact it had when FF7 came out! I’m pretty sure we all want that same feelings that we had when we first played FF7. Not gonna lie…I cried like a little girl when Aerith Gainsborough got a sword shoved through her body for goodness sake. Here is the article from The Christian Post. Click the image to get your pre-order!

FF7 Remake: Square Enix takes over(Published by Janna Dela Cruz 6/7/2017)

“”Final Fantasy 7 Remake” will now be exclusively developed in-house by Square Enix, which means the studio CyberConnect2 will no longer be part of the production process.

The developer helped out in putting together the original “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” which was released back in 1997. Thanks to the change, Naoki Hamaguchi, who most recently served as project leader for “Mobius,” will now spearhead the development.

While promoting “Mobius” during a livestream, Hamaguchi spoke about what brought about the shakeup and how it could affect “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.”

“So far, development has been carried out mainly with the support of external partners,” he said, per a translation provided by Nova Crystallis.

“”However, in view of factors such as improving quality when the product goes into mass production in the future, the company has decided to shift the developmental system back to within the company, so as to maintain a stable schedule and have control over factors such as quality. We will be forming a robust system within the company to properly carry out the development,” he went on to say.

Unfortunately, Hamaguchi played coy as to what brought about the change. According to GamesIndustry.biz, Square Enix may have just wanted to take over since much of its manpower was freed up after the release of “Final Fantasy 15.”

There is also the possibility that CyberConnect2 is not doing the best job on the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” although there is no confirmation of that.”

“It is unclear what this means for the release date of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.” Even without the recent change, the game is not expected to see the light of day anytime soon.

Square Enix has been warning fans that it will be a while before the remake turns up. With the developer letting go of CyberConnect2, which is known for the “Naruto Shippuden” games, there is no telling when “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” will be out and about.”

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7 thoughts on “FF7 Remake: Bringing it home!

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    1. I just hope that Square Enix puts as much love into the remake, like they did with the original. We all have really high expectations for FF7 Remake. I already like the way the game is going to be, when it comes to 3rd person and episodic gameplay. Let’s hope that our expectations are met lol.


      1. The episodic game format actually bothers me. It sounds like they will break the same story into pieces and then fill in some gaps. And the battle system so far seems to far removed for my liking. I’m optimistic but very skeptical.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s completely understood bro. They will be breaking the story into 3 discs from what I read. You think it should stay turn base, but still look as awesome as the remake does? It would be nice if PlayStation would release like…a one hour demo or something. Just so we can get a taste you know? That would def get all us talking lol.


      3. That’s part of my issue honestly. Some of the best aspects of the game will suffer with the game being episodic. But i do agree soon they are going to have to offer up a demo. People are starting to stop caring. The longer it takes for release people are seeing more and more potential problems.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You make a valid point. They should just release the game at E3, make some badass 3 disc PS gaming box and be done with it. Finish the little touch ups and bam! Everyone cares again, cause you finally released the damn game lol!


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