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Hey there beautiful people of the gaming world!! Final Fantasy XV’s new DLC and free update is going to be sick!!! We are going to be getting a new “Type D Regalia” which can go off road and give us a more fun driving exp. We will be to play Prompto’s story and check out his background, which will give us more of an impact getting to know Prompto even better. According to Trueachievements.com the DLC will be here on June 27th! How exciting is that boys and girls!!!!!!?? Here is more from Trueachievements.com. Click on the image to purchase a copy of FFXV if you haven’t already.

 $32.77 Plus Free Shipping

FFXV Update and DLC Details(Published by Luc1d 6/14/2017)

“A new E3 Final Fantasy XV trailer looks at various expansions to the FFXV universe including an upcoming mobile release of Noctis’ favourite game King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon. We also have screenshots and a music trailer for the next DLC and update which will be available later this month.”


“The next Final Fantasy XV update will add the Regalia Type-D to the game. This new version of the Regalia is an off-road vehicle that will give players greater freedom to drive through a variety of environments.”

“The next DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be “Episode Prompto”, an all-new episode in which players take on the role of Prompto and discover the hidden depths of the usually upbeat character. Composer Naoshi Mizuta, who also worked on Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIII-2, talks about his work on the DLC score in the following music trailer. The next Final Fantasy XV update and the “Episode Prompto” DLC will be available on June 27th.”

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    1. Sounds like you’ve been having fun bro lol. I can’t wait. There is so much more coming with that DLC bro. Prompto’s story, the Type-D Regalia, the fishing expeditions and all that. I can’t wait!!! I’m gonna be streaming like crazy lol.


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