Dreadnought: PlayStation Hub Talks

Hey what’s up guys!? Alright…so I downloaded the closed beta for Dreadnought and played for like an hour!!!! Let me just say…I thought it was a pretty good intro and start up to learn how the controls are!!! I can’t wait to start upgrading my ship, character, weapons and level lol. 

Looking into space from your immaculate ship is awesome, coming out of the docking bay is awesome and playing co-op is awesome! So far playing Dreadnought, I haven’t come across any glitches or mistakes in the game. The only thing I have a slight problem with is that, it’s not fast paced so much. 

Most of us are used to playing race-car games, shooter games, thrillers games, horror games and etc. You just have to think about that you are out in space and your ship(s) are pretty huge! One of your ships you get to choose from can warp to get away from enemy fire, the other can fire a missile defense system which laser beams destroy most of them and another puts up a shield for so long! 

While in battle…there are friendly ships that “heal” your ship so-to-speak. I think it’s a pretty good game and you should at-least give it a shot before you bash the game!

Sign up for the beta here on PS4!

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