Free PlayStation Plus Games Aug 2017

Hey there my magnificent PS4 gamers! This month in August, we have some pretty awesome games to download for all PlayStation Plus members! Honestly I can’t wait to play Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry and Just Cause 3 for PS4! Let’s check out the line up together…shall we!?

 Free PlayStation Plus Games PS4


“Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry was a standalone expansion to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that focused on a more personal and emotional story vs the expansive intrigue of the main series. Taking place 10 months after Black Flag, lead character Adéwalé has left the pirate life to join the Assassin order before encountering brutal French slavers in the West Indies. He recruits a crew and acquires a ship to take them on and ends up facing his own past in the process.”(Paragraph found at by Charles Singletary)


“Just Cause 3 is one of those games that you can just jump right in and have a blast playing right from the get go. The opening sees our hero Rico Rodriguez standing on top of an airplane shooting a rocket launcher at anti-air defenses, while an all out rebellion is unfolding on the ground and in the air. It’s an action-packed opening that perfectly encapsulates the type of experience the game offers, and lets you know exactly what you’re in for.” (Paragraph found at by Garri Bagasarov)


“Ported to the PlayStation 4 and Vita after a successful stint on smartphones, this unashamedly old-school treat plays like a vertical endless runner in killer high-heels. Your objective is to fall down randomly generated shafts, stomping on the heads of all kinds of weird and wonderful enemies along the way. There’s a roguelike-esque spin in that you can unlock power-ups and upgrades as you fall, but you’ll lose them with each successive run.

There is a sense of persistent progress, however, as with each decline you’ll collect gems. These can be frittered away in mid-stage shops, or added to your cumulative total each time that you die. Reaching certain gem quotas will unlock new “styles” which tweak the gameplay rules ever so slightly, as well as cosmetic alterations, such as palette swaps for the in-game art. Some of these are based upon “retro” games consoles like the Virtual Boy.”  (Paragraphs found at by Sammy Barker) Downwell is also free for PS3 PlayStation Plus Members.

Free PlayStation Plus Games PS3


“Super Motherload, from fledgling developer XGen Studios, sends us delving deep into the Martian surface to find precious minerals and gems to exchange for cold, hard cash. Indeed, the entire experience is predicated on a simple and repetitious – yet fairly engaging – premise, one that could prove to be addictive if not for Super Motherload’s unfortunate frustrations and maddening ending.

After selecting your character, you’re given a mining rover that can be used to dig ever deeper into Mars’ randomly generated red soil. It’s at this point that – from the very beginning — you see virtually everything Super Motherload has to offer, from graphics to gameplay. And that’s okay, because on a mechanical level, it does what it does very well, even if it looks old and, on the periphery, quite unimpressive. Controlling your rover is simple, with movement mapped to either the directional pad or left analog stick, and digging is as simple as moving in the direction you want to excavate. The X button is used to float and fly back to areas above you, making sure you’re never stranded in the bowels of the planet.”  (Paragraphs found at by Colin Moriarty)


Snakeball, developed by Gamoola Soft, is a (as I like to call it) semi-casual game. Mixing very simplistic, pick-up-and-play elements with complex weapon power-ups, movement strategies and multi-tiered challenges, this title will definitely please both casual and more serious gamers. Snakeball places you in control of a Hover Snake and has you jet around disco-pulsing environments gobbling up different colored balls, usually with the ultimate goal of dropping the balls off and at various scoring locations. In the grand scheme of things, the game’s premise is straight-forward and strongly reminiscent of classic games such as the original Snake, which involve the lengthening of your tail with each item consumed. Just put a groovy sci-fi spin on it and you have Snakeball.” (Paragraph found at by Ryan Clements)

Free PlayStation Plus Games PS Vita


“The simple objective of Level 22 is to not get seen, and you will have to use a combination of your own wits and the help of your best friend’s text messages to do it successfully. The game starts off quite easy, with you hiding behind walls, creeping past sleeping co-workers and finding things to use as a disguise in order to reach your goal. As the game goes on you, however, you will have to find new and more inventive ways to conceal yourself, as well as solving some fiendish puzzles. These will involve things such as stealing ID cards to open doors, setting booby traps and even finding ways to poison your co-workers. If you do happen to get caught, you get the chance to retry – and thankfully the game doesn’t put you too far back either. It often takes a bit of trial and error, having to make several mistakes  before you find the right solution – but you will have a lot of fun doing so. For those wanting an extra challenge, there is also an added side mission of trying to find the items your friend left behind when he was unceremoniously booted from employment.”  (Paragraph found at by Kieren Hawken)

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