Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Hey what’s up guys!? As we all know Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, is the first DLC for the game. I don’t know how many people I can tell you that want this DLC let alone Horizon Zero Dawn. We first saw this DLC back in June at E3 and when we did….I stood up out of my chair and clapped as loud as I could! The story is only going to be better in The Frozen Wilds and you can just imagine what Aloy is going to uncover in  her adventure! Here is more info from usgamer.net.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Everything we know(Published by Hirun Cryer 8/7/2017)

“Announced on June 12 at Sony’s E3 2017 presentation, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is the first DLC expansion for the game, after developer Guerilla Games announced that they were working on story DLC for the game earlier this year. 

Horizon Zero Dawn told the story of Aloy, as she pursued the truth surrounding her mother and the origins of the machines that have overrun the Earth. The Frozen Wilds DLC brings Aloy back as the protagonist, and seems to focus on a brand new, powerful machine lurking within a mountain.”


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Essential Information 

  • “Release Date: November 7, 2017 
  • Price: $20 ($15 for PS+ Members) 
  • Platforms: PS4 (Requires Horizon Zero Dawn) 
  • Developer: Guerilla Games 
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment 
  • Genre: Action-Adventure “

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild Release Date and Price

“The Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds release date is November 7, 2017. This will be eight months after Horizon Zero Dawn, which only released in February. 

As for the price of The Frozen Wilds, anyone can pre-order the expansion right now on the PSN Store for $20, although this will be reduced to $15 if you’re a PS+ member. The expansion isn’t standalone however, so you’ll need to own a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn in order to play The Frozen Wilds.”

“We’ve highlighted some notable points from the trailer, including things you might have missed on the first viewing.”

  • “Aloy is returning! Just in case you were worried that Guerilla might somehow abandon their star in the making. 
  • There’s a character that Aloy meets in the trailer, who warns her of the power of the machine lurking in the mountain, but this isn’t someone we met in the main game. 
  • Although we don’t get a glimpse of any new machine types in the trailer, Sony have revealed that there will be new types of machine enemies in The Frozen Wilds. 
  • The expansion has been confirmed to be set in a brand new area, meaning you won’t be retreading any new ground whatsoever in The Frozen Wilds. 
  • We don’t know where this takes place in the timeline of Horizon Zero Dawn, but it could potentially take place after the conclusion of the main story, as we never actually saw the Great Metal Devil that was ominously referred to throughout.”

“At E3 2017, the official PlayStation livestream featured a section with Hermen Hulst, lead designer on Horizon Zero Dawn, to talk in detail about The Frozen Wilds expansion. You can see the full interview just below, but we’ve highlighted some key talking points below that.”


  • “We’ll be heading into new territory in The Frozen Wilds, over the northern mountains and into the lands of the Banuk tribe. 
  • Hulst confirmed that there would be new weapons, as well as new types of Machines.
  • The expansion will be “continuing Aloy’s journey”, and is meant to be a new chapter for the character.

…And that was it. Not a huge amount to go on from the interview at E3, but we do know that The Frozen Wilds is a fairly hefty expansion, and will act as a form of epilogue for the main story of Horizon Zero Dawn.”

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